Islamic Azad University at a Glance

تصویر مطلب Islamic Azad University at a Glance
  • 7/3/2016 14:04
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Total area of building Currently under Construction: 905463 Square meters

Open civil spaces: 38900000 square meters

Educational and administrative spaces: 5933028 square meters

Indoor sport centers: 621165

Recreational spaces: 1281000

Cultural spaces: 490848

Overall university infrastructure: almost 11 million square meters


Incubators: 85

Knowledge-based companies (units and tech cores): 712

Projects outside the academia: 2990

Research centers: 73

Faculty members using research opportunity: 171

Total number of inventions and innovations: 2111

Scientific documents in WOS: 41855

Scientific documents in Scopus: 63605

Reputable academic articles in ESI: 34500

System of Azad Cooperative Labs (SAHA): 1053

Services registered in SAHA system: 16081

Educational System

IAU students present over 2015-2016

Medicine: 70143

Human Sciences: 723460

Basic Sciences: 82894

Engineering: 594767

Agriculture: 42113

Art: 108432

Total: 1621809

Academic levels

Associate degree: 295035

Bachelor degree: 832512

Master degree: 446475

Professional Doctoral Degree: 15751

PhD : 32036

Total: 1621809

IAU Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty Members in 2015-2016

Teaching assistants: 92

Instructors: 13855

Scholarships/funded faculty: 4448

Assistant Professors: 11922

Associate Professors: 1341

Full Professors: 795

Total: 32453

IAU Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty Members and Invited lecturers in 2015-2016

Teacher assistant: 92

Instructor: 39794

Scholarship: 4748

Assistant Professor: 19838

Associate Professor: 2549

Professor: 1282

Total: 68303

Total Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty Members and Invited lecturers

The number of full-time faculty members: 30676

The number of part-time faculty members: 1777

Invited Lecturers: 35850

Total: 68303

Date of Establishment

May 21, 1982

The Islamic Azad University initiative was announced in the sermon of the Tehran Friday prayers by Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani under the support of Imam Khomeini (R.A.), who made the first donation to the university - about a million tomans (about 327 current-day dollars)

The first branch in Tehran:

Tehran central branch, established in August 1982

The first branch outside Tehran:

Islamic Azad University of Tabriz

The first entrance exam: February, 1983