Legal Office

The legal office operates directly under the bureau of the president. It responds and provides counsel on all legal and judicial queries submitted from various administrative levels of the IAU, including the president, deputies, directors of Central Organization, plenipotentiaries, trustees in the provinces, and IAU branches around the country.

The Legal Office of the Islamic Azad University is responsible for ensuring legal compliance in official decisions, circulars and regulations in reference to the regulations approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, central board of trustees, and other relevant sources.

The office, and the strategic council for legal affairs, consists of prominent judges and lawyers. In line with protecting the interests of the university, codifying various educational, research, scientific, employment, contractual, and trade issues in accordance with university regulations, and supervising the correct implementation of contracts and MoUs are among the other responsibilities of this office.

Dr Mosdegh, IAU faculty member, currently administers this office/center.

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