Council for Investment and Knowledge-based Initiatives

At the beginning of the 4th decade of its founding and under new management, Islamic Azad University has embarked upon an untrodden path, which is converting knowledge into wealth and entrepreneurship. Plans are in place to assign a significant role to the university in scientific, social, and economic arenas through the exploitation of its research, academic, human, financial, and technical capacities and to bolster its contribution to the development and independence of the nation.

The top priorities of this council are

  • implementing technical and knowledge-based plans
  • producing wealth from science
  • facilitating and creating jobs opportunities for students and graduates
  • creating added value
  • making effective investments in various economical and industrial fields
  • assisting students in paying tuition.

The Council for Investment and Knowledge-based Initiatives was formed on December 11, 2013 to reduce the expenses and optimize the expenditures of the university.

, IAU faculty member, currently administers this office/center.

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