General Directorate for Affairs of Martyrs and Veterans

As per the resolution of the 274th meeting of Council of the Cultural Revolution on March 10, 1992, on the formation of offices tending to the affairs of martyrs in universities and higher education institutions, the General Directorate for Affairs of Martyrs and Veterans was formed on May 14, 2002 through the letter no. 6546 in IAU’s Public Relation Organization.

In addition to fulfilling its constitutional duties in accordance with the guidelines of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and the approved agreement between universities and the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs, this department has provided significant student, educational, material, and spiritual services. More than 48 thousand cases have been investigated and successfully closed through directorate offices in 32 provinces to assist students whose first-degree family included martyrs or veterans, or were veterans themselves.

Tabatabaei, IAU faculty member, currently administers this office/center.

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